Common Sense: The Best Protection Against Scams

Getting sidetracked or steered wrong by those scams on the internet is not an item on anyone’s to do list, yet it happens to many of us. How do we avoid it? Well we cannot avoid them all, or they wouldn’t be a problem. They trick us into clicking on their site or entice us with some extraordinary offer and we are baited like a minnow. Mike Podgayetsky, the EVP with Red Payments will tell you that getting out of tough binds from snares that internet scam artists have entangled you in is no fun task, or easy for that matter, but it is a constant like clouds and colors. The best thing to do is first to get yourself some great virus protection for your laptop or computer, because many of us are used to keeping all of our personal information on there and many scams are just viruses that can steal your personal info. Usually that is the case as a matter of fact.

Another thing one might do to avoid being infiltrated with digital virus or falling victim to a scam is never give personal info to anyone on line, and we mean anyone. Keep all your personal info private and safely protected the best place being your head. If someone is asking for a social security number, that is definitely a red flag. Mike Podgayetsky, an expert on avoiding these online scoundrels also says to never download a program or app without either scanning with virus detection programs first or validating its certificates through online tracking systems. There is a plethora of programs that do this for free. Using common sense is the best protection against scams though, by far, do not go on sites you do not trust, and never trust a suspicious email or message. Remember to research ask questions and use Red Payments for all your merchant needs.

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