Diets For More Than Just Losing Weight

I remember as a young boy, my mother would be on a diet. I would watch some of the things she would consume, such as cottage cheese and dried seaweed crisps, and promise myself to never diet as long as I live. One thing I’ve learned from my mother through her countless years of dieting is that there are diets designed to help your body in different ways, not just for losing weight. For example, you can battle those irritating sleepless nights with the right food intake.

Foods rich in the amino acid tryptophan such as turkey, milk, bananas and nuts are known to promote sleep and aid you in feeling better and more awake after your slumber. If you want something a bit sweeter, though health experts according to NY Daily News would be highly against it, you can trade in your refined sugar for honey, which contains tryptophan.

Benefits don’t stop there, though, there are even diets to help your skin health. Processed food and refined carbohydrates could encourage or even increase skin aging. How to stop that? Melons, fatty fish such as salmon or mackerel, nuts, beans, berries and leafy green vegetables, especially spinach, are all known to promote skin health.

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