Healthy Feet Are Central to a Healthy Body

healthy-feetOur feet are deserving of a lot more credit than we tend to give. We beat on them regularly, cramming them into uncomfortable dress shoes and allowing them to absorb the full impact of our body weight with each and every step. Despite the clear importance of keeping our feet healthy, Dr. Andrew Carver, a podiatrist, sees people from Washington, DC, to San Francisco, California, who do not take care of their feet in the way that they should.

As the foot doctor notes, the feet are exceptionally durable and can generally handle whatever we throw at them. While this may be the case, those in the field of podiatry are expressing increased concern that there are far too many people who are ignoring the presence of foot pain when they should instead be scheduling an appointment with a medical professional as soon as possible. Comprehensive health reviews are exceptionally beneficial to patients, as the earlier a condition is discovered the more likely it becomes that minimal treatment is necessary to address it.

There are a number of conditions that can afflict the feet that can be easily treated by a podiatrist. Left untreated, however, and these conditions can become very serious and may cause some very undesirable health issues. In order to avoid these potentially serious consequences, Dr. Carver recommends that anyone who is experiencing foot pain should schedule an appointment with a doctor at their earliest convenience.

Patients who fail to do seek immediate treatment may find that the condition becomes worse and more difficult to treat, leading to a longer recovery process and the potential need for more serious corrective action. In addition to seeking treatment for a painful condition, Dr. Carver recommends that patients take preventive care measures for their feet by wearing the appropriate footwear for a specific activity and maintaining a healthy weight at all times. This will reduce some of the stress that the feet must endure and may reduce the likelihood that podiatric care eventually becomes necessary.

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