Nancy Behrman: Achieving Health and Professional Success

Nancy Behrman — a legendary public relations and brand-building pioneer – and the founder of Behrman Communications has enjoyed a remarkable professional career. During her more than 30 years in the industry, she has also been able to maintain an uncommonly consistent and impressive level of health and wellness. Ms. Behrman’s sense of balance is anomalous, compared to the majority of like-minded executives who allocate the majority of their time and energy to their professional lives.

Among executives, regardless of the industry, the pressure and stress of their responsibilities makes it difficult to practice healthy habits, such as proper diet and exercise. Unfortunately, most executives view wellness as a necessary and even noble sacrifice that must be made in order to achieve their professional goals. Unlike so many of her peers in positions of executive leadership, Ms. Behrman does not sacrifice her health and wellness for professional success, and has even found a way to enjoy both.  

According to Ms. Behrman, who founded her public relations and brand-building firm more than 30 years ago with just a single client, Kiehl’s Since 1851, the secret behind her ability to maintain such remarkable levels of health and wellness is time-management. Ms. Behrman understands that a healthy diet and frequent exercise provide the energy she needs to meet and exceed the demands of her clients. In this way, these health and wellness habits are an investment in her business that yield personal benefits as well.

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