Poor Diet = Poor Health

What poor diet , poor health.  I guess what they say if true but we hate to except knowing that what we eat should be good one way or anther.  untitled (4)Chocolate for one they tell us dark chocolate is good for you but what of the sugar content.  Coffee to much can cause headache but small about are good. Then they said eggs are bad then good for you. Then don’t get me started on the wine or protein verse carbohydrates.  There are so many diets out in the market that are not good for your health and they only work for quick gratification and after a bit people gain back even more after being on that diet.  So eat like the old times when people had to work hard for a living to feed their muscles.  Their body weighs if you check where not as high. They worked hard eat moderate amounts of meat and grain and veggies.  Think old days when dieting.   http://firoz-patel-payza.blogspot.com/ is a god place to improve your diet.

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