Randi Glazer Offers Advice on Committing to a Healthier Lifestyle

randi glazer healthy lifestyleIt is incredibly rare to find a person anywhere in the United States who would say that they are entirely comfortable with their current level of health and feel no need to make any lifestyle changes aimed at improving their overall health and wellness. In fact, the overwhelming majority of Americans are currently engaged in some attempt to improve their health, yet there remains a complete disconnect between the people who wish to be healthier and the ones that actually succeed. Randi Glazer sees this as an issue that can be solved with just a simple change to the way people typically approach the process of improving their overall health and wellness.

The most glaring issue preventing people from becoming healthier is the fact that too many view the changes they are making as temporary and therefore utilize drastic methods that will generate results in short order. This is problematic for so many reasons, but mostly due to the mindset in which there is a belief that a short-term strategy will somehow yield long-term results. Taking a common-sense approach to health and wellness that involves making a commitment to permanent lifestyle changes is the only path that leads to long-term improvements to health and wellness. It is simply not the case that any shortcut should ever be considered wise and will certainly not ever be effective over a long period of time.

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