Luigi Wewege Is A Man Of Great Health


Some of the John Palino – Mayoral team at the Auckland Waterfront

Your youthful appearance is like a mirror as it reflects your health. Of course, there are other reasons as to why you could be aging your appearance faster such as stress or lack of sleep.  The inescapable truth is these flaws can signal underlying health issues and should be a red flag.

You will know a healthy person just by looking at them like in these pictures of Luigi Wewege. The man has healthy skin and hair, no wrinkles and no bags under his eyes. This is a prime example of someone in good health.

Bags under the eyes aren’t just caused by lack of sleep. If you’re getting plenty of sleep and still have sleepy, droopy areas around the eyes, you might want to take a look at your diet and one of the main things to watch is your salt consumption.

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